About me

Who is Felipe Chamorro?

Felipe Chamorro is a 3D Artist, a generalist in many ways. Always working on new concepts. Wherever he travels he has with him his thumbnail sketchbook. Take a look at some of his production models. For reaching him, please click on the contact tab on the main screen.

His love for computers began at an early age after his uncle showed his some basics in dos commands and of course how to play games on a computer with an awesome old soundcard and early stage of GFX voodoo cards in 1992-3. At that time the famous floppy disks owned the market. He was learned by his uncle to do own menus with bat files for of course doing libraries with games and execute as wanted. Thanks to his uncle, at that time when his uncle was a network engineer, he was able to show him a new world. When connecting to the internet sounded like tute ehoitooohtotiwe tuoeergk gieeittda and yes it took a while to connect to the world wide web. By then, Felipe was twelve-thirteen years old.

Later on, thanks to a friend of his, he was introduced to 3DSMax in 1995-96, at that time it was very primitive and really bulky. It was a little too complex at the time and he couldn’t get his head around the UI and he moved on. He started to get into more desktop applications like Illustrator and Photoshop, more design related Softwares. Which introduced him to web design and web development later on. The fun of web took him for a while because it was problem-solving and design at the same time. At that point in 2004, he saw other possibilities and was very interested in construction tools like Autocad and Inventor. He took several courses and finally started to play around with Inventor which was based on 3D and Cad. A few years later, in 2006, he tested Maya, a world-class animation, and modeling software. And finally, that made him aware of that one day he will become a 3D Artist with love to hard surface modeling.
This a part of his story…

He offers services in 3D Visualization at request for advertising and film productions. He has FA-Tax and is available for further communication as an Independent contractor. He speaks three languages, Spanish, Swedish and English. He is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and lived there since 1990’s.
All Images are © Copyright of Felipe Chamorro or their respective owners [because one background is not mine]